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The first nationwide STD testing to treatment platform.

Never Worry Again

Studies show meeting a partner online can increase your risks of an STI three times. 110 million Americans live with an infection today costing our economy an estimated $16 billion every year.

With sexually transmitted infections reaching a record high, it is clear we need to look at personal health care with a fresh set of eyes. After years of working on some of the U.S. biggest e-commerce brands I am thrilled to put my skills to use to a meaningful cause. Ending the STD epidemic saves lives.

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The Los Angeles summer Halloween convention.

ScareLA logo

Halloween Starts Early

We all have a dark side. Monsters come together at ScareLA to celebrate our love for all things unusual and extraordinary. Halloween reached a record high with $8.4 billion spent bringing fans and families together unlike any other holiday world-wide.

ScareLA™ premiered in 2013. Situated in the entertainment capital of the world, ScareLA™ combines the city’s top talent and unique setting with a twist! The hit con brings Halloween to the summer to kick off the scare season and unveil the hottest attractions and products in SoCal every year. Mingle with thousands of fans, haunt entertainment professionals, top scare event designers and operators, makers, artists and filmmakers. Enjoy a weekend jam-packed with Halloween season teasers, attraction unveils, classes, industry panels, haunt tours, screenings, cosplay and games. Share, inspire, play – ScareLA!

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TEDx Pacific Palisades

Mini conference on choosing the road less travelled.

From Pop to Purpose: Tony Testa

From Clothing to Character: Kristin Burke

From Father to Father: Roko Belic

From Story to Consequence: Trevor Hall

From Once-in-a-lifetime to Everyday: Jason Porath

From Wall Street to Main Street: Rafe Furst

From Robots to Fashion: Amanda Parkes

From Survival to Living: Jean Luc Dushime

From Top to Bottom and Back: Charlie Scola

From Independence to Interdependence: Alana Conner

From Experience to Expertise: Pedram Sameni

From Spoken Wisdom to Spoken Word: Diane Dallal